It Lives…

The H&R budget gun review has been on a bit of a hiatus. Mostly because I knew the gun had a problem, and was trying to decide how to fix it. I finally got brave enough to attack it with the dremel. It would appear the feeding issue has been fixed, and I didn’t create any new issues in the process. At least none that I have noticed yet.

This is a pretty big strike against the gun. While not the end of the world, it probably isn’t something most people buying a $200 shotgun are going to want to try and fix. I have spoken to a couple other H&R owners, and they do not report the same issue. I guess it is a bit of a roll of the dice. Might get a good gun, might get one that doesn’t like to feed properly.

We have added another 50 rounds of birdshot to our total count, and had a new malfunction. A failure to extract. It appeared that the extractor simply did not have enough spring pressure and was slipping over the rim of the shell. The rim of the shell was undamaged. I was able to clear the malfunction by unlocking the action, pressing down on the extractor with my thumb, and applying rearward pressure on the forearm as normal. The issue did not repeat in the next several rounds.

I was so disappointed I missed that one plate I forgot I had spare ammo for a second.

I was also able to pattern test and function check three buckshot loads. A Winchester 3 buck load, a Remington 3 buck load, and a no longer available Federal 4 buck load. The H&R gun I have comes with a modified screw in choke from the factory. It doesn’t really seem to help much though.

I fired two of each shell to get a better idea of likely performance. The Remington is the way I would go.

The Remington load patterned the best, but for only 10 yards, I would consider all of these patterns to be at the edge of their practical range. Much larger and the odds of dropping a pellet off target starts to get outside of my comfort zone. Perhaps a better choke would give a better result, but for the purposes of this test I am sticking with the factory choke for now.

I will try not to wait so long for the next update.

2 thoughts on “It Lives…

  1. Interesting. I for one was sad to see H&R out of production. I have a Slug Hunter as a deer gun and have no complaints other than the weight. If it were available, I’d buy the 20 gauge version for deer season. I have always liked the simple design and operation for simple uses.


    1. H&R is out of production now? They were all over the place pre-covid. I know of a couple guys with the 12ga Pardner Protectors that have had better luck than I have had with this one. I am curious if the 12ga guns might actually be a bit better.


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