The Shotgun Side Saddle

What side saddle to use for this gun, or that gun, is a question I see often, and get asked personally on a fairly regular basis. there are a lot of options out there, which I guess is why people ask. I have found one option to be universal, effective, and budget friendly, the Vang Comp Systems shell card.

Vang makes a full blown side saddle “kit” that Vang calls the DSAC. It includes a backing plate so that we don’t have to adhere velcro directly to our receiver. I actually do not have any experience with the complete setup. What I use is the VCS shell card, and a section of industrial strength velcro. If someone wanted something that didn’t require attaching the velcro directly to the gun, it is available, but cost more.

I am not that picking, so I just stick it right on the gun. All in, this is about a $30-$35 upgrade, and it works really well. Well enough that I don’t think anyone is competing with With this setup using a Vang shell card until you get to the Aridus Q-DC.

These are the things you will need.

  • A shotgun (obviously)
  • One (at least, more is better), Vang Comp shell cards (see link above).
  • Some adhesive backed velcro. I recommend not skimping and going name brand. I cut my velcro off a 15ft roll, but you can get a smaller quantity HERE.
  • Alcohol or some sort of degreaser type solvent to clean the receiver where the adhesive velcro is to be applied.
  • A good pair of scissors. Probably.

The process is pretty straight forward.

  1. Clean the left side of the receiver with the chosen degreaser.
  2. Trim a piece of soft sided velcro (female) to fit the side of the receiver. I attach the velcro from just forward of the serial # to the front edge of the receiver.
  3. Attached VCS shell card to velcro.
  4. Basically done, so I guess load the shell card with ammo now.

I have been running my guns this way for the better part of a year, and they have seen some use. Zero issues to report. I imagine eventually the elastic in the shell card will wear out. In that instance, spend another $20 and get a new one. At $20 a pop, replacing a shell card every 1-2 years is a pretty small burden. If it even has to be done that often.

I first learned of this from Tim Chandler. For those interested, he is teaching shotgun classes with FPF Training, Justified Defensive Concepts, and is an occasional guest assistant instructor with 360 Performance Shooting. If you get the chance, Tim’s shotgun classes, and Ashton Ray’s with 360 Performance Shooting are considered some of the best available.

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