The 2023 Defensive Shotgun Course Master List

Here we are again, the start of a new year, a new list. This is not an all inclusive list. These are the guys that I feel comfortable recommending to people. As time goes on and more people add more classes, I will try to add them to this list. Even if you think you have a good handle on the shotgun, it is always a good idea to support those guys out there teaching it, to pressure test new gear, and to get the occasional refresher.

I hope to get more time in shotgun classes this year than last year. Maybe I will see you at one of these. Sadly, not all of them. Maybe if I win the lottery.

Rangemaster Defensive Shotgun IDC, Jan 27-29 2023, Nashville, TN

Sentinel Concepts Low Light Shotgun, Feb 5 2023, Onalaska, WA

Sentinel Concepts 2-Day Shotgun, Feb 11-12 2023, Boulder City, NV

Symtac Consulting Shotgun Skills, March 11-12 2023, McLoud, OK

Sentinel Concepts Practical Shotgun, March 12 2023, Eagle Lake, TX

Sentinel Concepts Practical Shotgun, March 18 2023, Yale, VA

Sentinel Concepts Critical Shotgun, March 19 2023, Yale, VA

Active Self Protection Home Defense Shotgun, April 3 2023, Van Buren, AR

FPF Shotgun Skills, April 15 2023, Culpeper, VA

Rangemaster Defensive Shotgun Course (1-Day), April 27 2023, Lincoln, TX

Symtac Consulting Shotgun Skills, May 6-7 2023, Searsboro, IA

Sentinel Concepts Practical Shotgun, May 7 2023, Crete, IL

FPF Home Defense Shotgun, May 20 2023, Culpeper, VA

360 Performance Modern Defensive Shotgun, June 4 2023, Miamisburg, OH

360 Performance Shooting Shotgun 360, July 22-23 2023, Berryville, VA

Rangemaster Defensive Shotgun IDC, Aug 18-20 2023, McLoud, OK

Active Response Training Defensive Shotgun, Sept 10 2023, Delaware, OH

FPF Training Home Defense Shotgun, Sept 16 2023, Culpeper, VA

FPF Training Shotgun Skills, Oct 21 2023, Culpeper, VA

Symtac Consulting Shotgun Skills, Nov 4-5 2023, Alpine, CA

5 thoughts on “The 2023 Defensive Shotgun Course Master List

  1. Nate – In recent years I have taken two shotgun courses both thru John Murphy’s FPF. The first was Tom Givens Home Defense. It was absolutely superb. Tom was assisted by the guy from Justified Defense Concepts, Tim Chandler. So, when FPF offered the JDC Shotgun Skills class some time after, I too that as well. Tim and his assistant, Ashton Ray of 360, was a hoot and a half. I was sad when the class was over and I had to go home. So, what I am telling you is that I recommend Tom, Tim and Ashton all the way. Money well spent.

    Regards, Stuart A.

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  2. Good comprehensive list. Going to do Shotgun 360 in July for sure. Training again with Symtac in November in my old stiomping grounds would be good but I have the Pat Rogers Revolver Roundup penciled in for that month.

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    1. I tried to hit Shotgun 360 when it was in OK a few years ago, but couldn’t pull it off. Hopefully it heads back this was in the next year or two. Ashton has been pretty good about moving it around.


  3. Here are a bunch more courses from folks that I know or know people who have taken courses from them – sadly some are already booked for 2023, but keep an eye out for those particular sources for next year. I’ll add that the course on March 4 in NC by Lee Weems is a good one, don’t let the title throw you off – shotguns are manipulation intensive, and he does a good job of working on those in that course. Randy Cain was at Gunsite under Jeff Cooper and worked a lot with Louis Awerbuck. Scotty Reitz at ITTS is highly respected and is a BTDT kind of guy.

    Thunder Ranch – Clint Smith – Lakeview, OR – offering two defensive shotgun classes classes in 2023, both show sold out

    Gunsite Academy – Paulden AZ – offers different classes, see link for details

    Defense Training International – John Farnam – 21 May, 2023 – Savannah, GA; 19 June, Coraopolis, PA; 06 August, Watertown, WI; 03 December, El Paso, TX

    Thunderstick Summit – Las Vegas (organized by Darryl Bolke – not sure of exact date, likely in September/October)

    Hardwired Tactical Shooting – Darryl Bolke – offers “First Responder Shotgun” classes but don’t have any scheduled currently

    Sig Sauer Academy – Epping, NH – offer several shotgun courses, but all are showing full for 2023
    ochester Personal Defense – 24 February, 2023 – Intro to Shotgun; 05 March, 2023 – Home Defense Shotgun (those classes are in Ontario, NY)

    International Tactical Training Seminars – Scott Reitz – various dates for various levels

    Cumberland Tactics – Randy Cain – offering his second level Shotgun 2 class 13-15 May, Frankenmuth, MI

    First Person Safety – Lee Weems – Shotgun Manipulations, 04 March, 2023 in Yadkinville, NC

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    1. Thanks for the add ons.

      Scott Reitz book The Art of Modern Gunfighting is pure gold. Word is he plans to publish an equivalent shotgun book. Can’t wait for that one.


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