Hornady Varmint Express 4-Buck

This is a repost from my old blog. One of the more popular post on the blog is THIS ONE, about pattern testing #4 buckshot. I figured I would revisit, and keep the series going. Current leader is Hornady‚Äôs #4 buckshot load with the Versa-Tite wad, so it is back to defend its title. This … Continue reading Hornady Varmint Express 4-Buck

Federal’s Flite Control vs. Hornady’s Versa-Tite

When Federal hit the market with their Flite Control 00 buck loads it changed the shotgun dynamic. No longer did shotgunners have to rely on barrel modifications or choke tubes to get very consistent and tight patterns at ranges typically considered to be beyond the practical range of buckshot. The voodoo to the shell's performance … Continue reading Federal’s Flite Control vs. Hornady’s Versa-Tite